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Our Core Beliefs


Beliefs About God Pertaining to Prayer Ministry

  • God works through story - God's story in the scripture, our stories, our stories of our encounters with Jesus, and our communal stories as God's people.

  • God has gone to great lengths to reveal Himself to humanity throughout human history and we believe He still does so today.

  • God is in complete control. He is outside of time. Nothing happens without His consent and nothing can thwart His purposes. He is intimately acquainted with all aspects of the future and the past. He is everywhere all the time.

  • God loves people perfectly. All individuals are made in God's image and are very valuable to God. God is a person and highly values personal relationship with all people. God seeks the lost and loves those that consider themselves His enemies.

  • God values the church (His family) and relates to people corporately as well as individually. God gives belonging and purpose. We all have a role to play in His family. God's primary tool for outworking His purposes on earth is the local church.

  • God is a Father who desires mature, healthy kids who resemble His Son Jesus. God wants to heal, restore, and free us to live into our full created potential to His glory. God does not support idolatry (alternatives to God as the answer to what we need). God will use the pain we experience when our salvation plans fail to deliver or are threatened by the realities of life to help us turn away from these false solutions. God disciplines but He does not shame or condemn those that love Him. He is happy to help us course correct and to provide wisdom if we let Him.

  • God values process. While we may think God is most interested in getting things done, He is actually most interested in His work in His individual kids and in His family the Church. We are His project.

  • God's ways our not our ways. His values, methods and priorities are often inverted to ours.

  • God is still at work today. God invites His adopted sons and daughters to partner with Him in the family business of bringing His kingdom to earth. God does the heavy lifting, is in control and is ultimately responsible for His ministry. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We're invited to work from rest. At the same time, we're called to take up our cross and follow Him (embrace the suffering allotted to us).

  • God loves those we love far more than we do. While we may be called to share in this responsibility for a child, parent, spouse, employee, etc., God is ultimately responsible. Jesus alone is savior of the world.

  • God values authenticity. He takes us as we are as long as we come before Him without pretense.

  • God is truth. There is an absolute truth and His name is Jesus. Truth brings freedom. Where truth is rejected, bondage follows.

  • God forgives. And He expects us to forgive as we have been forgiven. Unforgiveness carries a high cost.

  • God is trustworthy. He desires that we trust His character. He values faith (willingness to take some risk requiring Him to come through).

  • God is a giver of good gifts. He wants to lavish His love on His kids.

  • God is the source. He is creator. He blesses our identity. He protects, provides, teaches, comforts and wants to meet all human needs. We are invited to partner with Him to remove all obstacles in us that prevent Him from doing so.

  • God equips us with the tools we need to accomplish the work He has given us to do. We believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, that these gifts are still active, available, and needed, and consider them all to be supernatural and spiritual. Some of these gifts augment and utilize our capacity to hear God's voice. The Holy Spirit gives gifts as He desires to all members of the family.


What We Understand About the Human Context

  • We have an enemy, who lies, accuses, and seeks to destroy people. Satan is not God's opposite, but rather a fallen angel. Satan is the instigator and leader of an anti-Christ rebellion. This is anti as in against Jesus but also means to set itself up as the alternative to Jesus (ie Tower of Babel).

  • All of humanity joined in the rebellion back in the garden of Eden and this ushered in pain, shame, evil, and brokenness. Each of us must choose to remain in rebellion (default position) or surrender to Jesus.

  • God made a way through Jesus' sacrifice to restore people into proper relationship with Himself. As adopted sons and daughters of God, Christians get to partner with Jesus as He establishes His kingdom in the minds and hearts of His people. Just as Jesus sent His early disciples, so He sends Christians today to preach the Good News, heal diseases, and deliver people from spiritual bondage.

  • There is great resistance to the in breaking Kingdom of God and so we expect to see great persecution, troubles, and resistance as Satan and His anti-Christ forces mount their last stand as the scriptures describe. The rebellion will be put down for good when Jesus returns as promised. This is Kingdom now but not yet. God's Kingdom is breaking in but won't be experienced in fullness until Jesus returns.


Beliefs with Respect to Listening Prayer

  • God still speaks and does so in a wide variety of ways to all who will listen.

  • People are made to relate to God and have all the tools required to hear and respond to His voice.

  • Everything we hear from God is subject to the scripture. The scripture is the word under which all words must be tested. Christians are given the Holy Spirit that helps us discern God's voice. Discernment is best done in the context of safe community.

  • God speaks to His gathered family and does so to build up, encourage and comfort His church.

  • Discerning God's voice is learned and gets easier with instruction and practice.

  • God is at work. Prayer is largely about allowing God to align us with with His heart, timing, purposes, strategy, and plans.


Beliefs with Respect to Inner Healing & Deliverance Prayer

  • Jesus is Lord and has power and authority over evil. He forgives sins, breaks the power of curses and vows, frees us from shame, and delivers us from evil.

  • The inner person (the heart) is desperately wicked. Only Jesus can navigate the dark places in a person. Transformation of the inner person is possible through the Holy Spirit when a person gives Him permission to do so.

  • Jesus is God with us. Jesus knows our suffering and walks with us at all times whether or not we can perceive His presence.

  • Jesus redeems. All suffering has purpose for those who love Jesus. He makes good and complete use of all pain, suffering, trouble, hardship, wounding, etc. we experience in life.

  • Jesus is our healer and our health. Healing tends to follow Jesus around. We submit to His timing, methods and strategies while partnering with Him in the healing process.

  • Christians can experience oppression from evil, although they cannot be "possessed" because they have given themselves to Jesus.

  • People are holistic-body, soul, spirit, and emotions. Therefore, healing must be holistic as well. Physical symptoms are often rooted in spiritual or emotional issues.

  • People are multi-layered. We work to see Truth integrated into the mind and heart (core). Inner healing ministry will primarily focus on bringing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the inner person.

  • Christians have authority to command healing in Jesus' name if so led. While physical healing is not guaranteed before Jesus returns, we pray expectantly knowing that Jesus can and is willing to heal.

  • We believe the spiritual realm is governed by the rule of law much like the natural world. We approach inner healing & deliverance from this perspective.

  • As Jesus brings a person through a healing journey, that person becomes equipped to join Jesus in helping others find freedom. God uses our journey to bless others.

  • We believe the primary purpose for inner healing prayer is to help restore a person's capacity to connect and relate to God in the fullest sense possible. Most symptoms that result in someone seeking inner healing are a result of pain associated with a blockage to receiving from God in a particular area of need.

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