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About us

Our Ministry Practices


In our ministry of healing, we commit to the following standards of practice:

  • We pray in the name of Jesus.

  • We want the fruit of the Spirit to characterize all of our interactions as we minister healing.

  • We believe Jesus is a safe place, and we want our healing prayer times to have this atmosphere.

  • We will honor physical and emotional boundaries and treat people with respect. People can say "no" and we will respect that. We will not go faster in the process of healing than that person or Jesus is going. We won't override people or push people. We will not shame people.

  • Healing requires the participation of the person who is being healed. As we minister healing we will dialogue with the person seeking healing, and together we will dialogue with God.

  • We will conduct ministry in such a way to protect a person's dignity, honor, privacy and safety. We will not give room for the enemy to attack, harm, broadcast information or humiliate a person.

  • We seek to connect people directly to Jesus. We discourage fostering dependence on the prayer minister.

  • We believe in and honor leadership in churches and mission organizations. We believe in leadership in the midst of Christian healing ministry.

  • We are imperfect people and will minister imperfectly. We are dependent on God's grace and will apologize and ask for forgiveness when we make mistakes.

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