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About us

Our Ministry Values


We hold to the following values when we engage in the ministry of healing:

  • We minister healing in faith in Jesus, under God's protection.

  • In healing, we want people to encounter Jesus. Healing is experiencing the loving presence of Jesus.

  • Love is central in all that we do.

  • Healing is a process that involves community.

  • Healing is usually a process, although occasionally it happens instantly and dramatically.

  • Everyone can be involved in ministering healing to others.

  • Prayer for healing can be learned.

  • Healing is freely received and freely given. When we let Jesus work His healing in us, we naturally become equipped and properly postured to help others heal.

  • Principles of healing may be absolute (such as the truth that healing comes from Jesus), but healing models are flexible and need to be contextualized.

  • Jesus can make use of prayer, medicine, therapeutic counseling, proper diet, exercise, and other healthy practices to accomplish healing.

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