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About us

Our Leadership Values


Based on these beliefs, when we engage in the ministry of healing we hold to the following values:

  • We recognize that this is Jesus's ministry, not ours. Therefore, ministry will be conducted His way, according to His timeline, and with those He has called to participate. We leave our agendas at the door. We will practice regular listening prayer in all facets of leadership recognizing that if we lose sight of the necessity of His leading, this ministry loses its reason for existence. We need Jesus to show up at every workshop, inner healing session, board meeting, and decision point along the way.

  • Jesus led by laying down His life in the service of others. We follow His example of servant leadership.

  • We believe all family members have a role to play in the Kingdom of God. Leaders are to identify, encourage, cultivate, and focus these individual ministries to the best of our abilities.

  • We believe God desires righteous character over giftedness, charisma and production. God cares about the quality of the inner person and we will also. God primarily measures fruitfulness of lives by the fruit of the Spirit on display and less so through numbers impacted, influence, budgets, etc.

  • Vulnerability and transparency are essential to keeping people properly connected and to prevent the enemy from sabotaging a ministry. We seek to foster a safe environment for leaders to be real and to get the support, accountability, and human connection they require to thrive as a leader.

  • We recognize that maturity requires learning to hold concepts in tension. Swinging too far to either side of a spectrum can lead to problems. Areas we seek to hold in balance include:

    • Word & Spirit

    • Natural & Supernatural 

    • Justice & Mercy

    • Truth & Grace

    • Self-care/boundaries & serving others/losing life

    • Kingdom now but not yet

  • We value relationships over tasks, projects, goals and performance numbers. Jesus puts relationships first and so will we.

  • With Jesus, there is always an invitation to grow and be in process. We'll make mistakes but we'll fall forward.

  • Conflict is a part of life and an important part of authentic community. We embrace conflict and will seek reconciliation and will forgive quickly. We'll assume the best about people.

  • We recognize that all are made and gifted uniquely and have a unique perspective and history with God. We value this diversity and will look for ways to adapt what we do to make room for how God wants to work through various gifts, passions and outlets.

  • Leaders are held to account by God because God cares about people. We will take great care to make sure that what we model, teach and live out is safe, Biblically grounded, and has been tested by the Christian community.

  • While this ministry may produce various tools, formulas, frameworks, materials, scripts, plans, best practices and other techniques for approaching ministry, we recognize that everything boils down to creating space for Jesus to show up. It's all for the purpose of a living, breathing relationship with Jesus.

  • Holding to a standard of objective Truth in a post truth culture will be costly. But we will speak truth with grace and will stand on Biblical Truth as a cornerstone to this inner healing ministry without compromise. We do not judge people but we will judge ideas, teachings, prophecy, etc.

  • We expect leaders to invest and submit to their own healing and sanctification process as the primary means of becoming equipped to lead others. Leadership starts with submission to Jesus and authentic relationship with God, self and others (learning to be real). It is very difficult to lead someone else to a place where we are not willing to go ourselves.

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