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God speaks to each of us.
Are you listening?

Everyone can learn to hear God's voice. Like building stronger muscles, learning to discern God's voice just takes practice over time.

What is Listening Prayer?


Listening prayer is simply asking God specific questions and then listening for what He has to say in response. We operate under the assumptions that God enjoys speaking to us and that we are all uniquely equipped to hear His voice.

What is the goal of Listening Prayer Workshop?


Our primary objective is to help you connect with Jesus. God's top priority is relationship with people. When we listen to Jesus, we find that deep community is formed and we're equipped to partner with Him in His calling for us.

Is Listening Prayer safe?


Yes, we teach and model a set of boundaries that foster a safe environment for all involved. These boundaries are covered at the beginning of each workshop and reinforced throughout. We hold a high view of Scripture and measure all we do and hear by what it says.

What happens at the workshops?


We begin each workshop with a short teaching of concepts and safe boundaries. We then spend the majority of our time practicing and debriefing our experiences. The best way to learn is to practice listening for Him, get feedback about what we are hearing, and observe how God speaks to others.

Who should attend?


We welcome everyone especially people who are new to hearing God's voice, people with some experience who want to practice, experts that want to help others grow, and those interested in inner healing or physical healing. 

Do I need to be a Christian?


While this workshop is open to all it is primarily designed for those pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you are looking for a space to explore the Christian faith, we recommend Alpha.

Upcoming Workshops

Listening Prayer 101

If you are new, start here. This workshop teaches the basics and includes opportunity to practice hearing God's voice for yourself.

Listening Prayer 102

This workshop provides a quick review of the 101 material, opportunity for questions, and personal listening exercises.

Listening Prayer 201

This workshop teaches the basics of listening for others with opportunity to practice praying with other attendees.

Current Events

A workshop designed with personal listening questions focused on topics pertinent to current events.

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